Story Light

Western culture, especially an advanced consumer culture like America, is entranced with the content of life while the context of life remains hidden. The content of life is composed of cultural productions while the context of life involves the natural phenomena of space, time and place containing these cultural productions. One of the key elements […]

Stories From Images

The Diner – Ryan Schude The German photographer and media artist Andreas Müller-Pohle observes that there are two types of photographers: the discoverer and the inventor. The discoverer acts “in motion,” after the model of the hunter and gatherer. His activity can be described as “scenic searching” in that he extracts something from the scenery, acting perceptually. The inventor, […]

Commercials Move Toward Stories

“Turner Native Plus will extend storytelling into the commercial pod by developing the right environment for the client, increasing exposure to the brand, and as a result, driving higher ROI (return on investment.)” Commercials on Turner Broadcasting (owner of TV networks CNN, Cartoon Network, TNT) will become longer and more like program content under their […]

Generation Heroes

Baby Boom Hero I was a huge fan of Neil Howe’s book The Fourth Turning about generational cycles. I began corresponding with him and we kept in touch over the years. Neil has now set-up a company called Saeculum Research which syndicates marketing research on big trend issues today. Neil writes a blog on his […]

Old Internet Articles

The other day, I went on a round-up of old articles of mine posted on the Internet over the years. Some of them are posted below in no particular order. Some had wandered far away and found themselves posted on strange sites (like an Australian gold speculator’s site). Others were gathered under one roof. Going […]

Lee Henry

By John Fraim In the winter of 1948, eighteen-year-old Leland Henry was completing his senior year at Oakwood High School in Dayton, Ohio and contemplating his future before entering The Ohio State University in the fall of 1949. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do but there was a definite streak of entrepreneurism in […]