A New Type of Film Critic

Cactus in Friends of the Santa Rosa Mountains Parking Lot (John Fraim – 4/13) Has the old business of payola for records in our 60s meta-morphed into film critics for $130 million dollar movies in our time? It seems like this to me with all the raving reviews of Noah by critics on Rotten Tomatoes […]

GreatHouse Stories Workbook

 Ohio Farm (John Fraim, April 2013)   Fiction (and non-fiction) authors have much to learn from screenwriters. And conversely, screenwriters might learn a little something from authors. With this perspective in mind, I’ve been collecting books on screenwriting for a number of years and extracting key ideas, principles and techniques from them to use in […]

Current Projects (Spring 2014)

Some new projects. One is writing a biography from the outline A Moment in Time I have done on one of the most influential teachers in my life named Raymond Alf. Ray was born to missionary parents in China in the middle of the great revolution of China into the modern world. He ended up a teacher at […]