GreatHouse Stories Workbook


 Ohio Farm (John Fraim, April 2013)


Fiction (and non-fiction) authors have much to learn from screenwriters. And conversely, screenwriters might learn a little something from authors. With this perspective in mind, I’ve been collecting books on screenwriting for a number of years and extracting key ideas, principles and techniques from them to use in my own writing projects.

After awhile, I put the best ideas into a file. Soon, the file found division into sections and the sections into chapters of a workbook outline. My  current GreatHouse Story Workbook represents the current version of this outline.

While it was originally created for our own projects, a number of people who saw it urged me to share it with others. So, we make the Workbook available free to our clients and friends in hopes it will help create a new genre of modern storytelling somewhere between screenplays and novels.

Contact us for a free copy.


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