GreatHouse (Spring 2014)

  Gregory Crewdson “Untitled”    Greathouse Stories Inventory April 29, 2014 Currently, we are lopsided on original material and have not yet really announced ourselves to clients. I’ve been too busy working on my own writing. There are five biographies, one memoir/novel and a survey and classification of the screenwriting industry. Briefly, these assets (inventory) are the following: […]

New Biography Underway …

  What the Young Man Saw When He Was 16 The St. Louis Word’s Fair – (1904) (Summer. 1904. Exterior Shot.)   He was the founder of an American industry and an original innovator of modern business communication. Born in 1888 in a small Indiana town, he was raised as a single child by his mother […]

The Passing of a Personal Hero

Gabriel Marquez (1927 – 2014) “But García Márquez’ sense of life is that surreality is as much the norm as banality.” William Kennedy (New York Times, October 31, 1976)   Autumn of the Patriarch Gabriel Marquez (Beginning pages)   Over the weekend the vultures got into the Presidential Palace by pecking through the screens on […]

A New Media?

  A Friends Smart Meter in Mill Valley, California   9/12 Evening   JT, Been very busy but did get around to reading the link you wanted me to look at below. Fascinating and difficult to respond to this link with less than a full novel. Or screenplay. Or long blog post. I haven’t finished […]