New direction in storytelling …

    Blueprint Your Bestseller Stuart Horwitz Review By John Fraim (5/18/14)   The book Blueprint Your Bestseller is perhaps one of the most interesting books about screenwriting in recent memory. Even the more interesting because the author is addressing novelists and not screenwriters. He proposes a new way of writing novels that goes against […]

Magic Lights

  Wabash County Courthouse¬†     Wabash, Indiana had a pretty good history up until the 1870s. There was the Indian Treaty of 1826 that opened up the northern part of Indiana for ownership of the white man over the red man. Once the white man has his territory, he began developing it as something […]

Loren Berry

  Annandel Park – Sonoma County – 2001   New from GreatHouse. Participation in biographies. To that international cyber cell called the Screenwriting-Research Network List. An incredible group of people I usually just monitor but sometimes stick my two cents in. Like now. Not sure what literary form the enclosed would be considered. Perhaps a […]