Coltrane 1962

  John Fraim Perhaps the most important years of John Coltrane’s classic quartet were the years from 1962 to 1965. The year 1962 was an interesting year for Coltrane. He records Duke Ellington & John Coltrane on September 26, 1962, and releases it in February 1963 on Impulse. Tyner records his debut album Inception. Released […]

The Coltrane Screenplay Project

As some of you know, we have been developing a screenplay on John Coltrane. Some of it from our own book on Trane called Spirit Catcher (1995, GreatHouse). But also on much of the current thought on his life on the Internet. How does one give adequate credit to that great new research tool called […]

The Internal Goal of Marketing

John Fraim For too many years, the profession of marketing has concerned itself with external rather than internal goals. By this we mean that it always made a distinction between the business and the outside world. Competitors were in the outside world and marketing was all about positioning against this outside world whether it was […]

NFL & Drugs

    John Fraim   Cultural industries are fueled in large part by alcohol and drugs. The film industry for one. The music industry for another. The sports industry for another. The recent revelations that the NFL is being investigated by federal drug enforcement personnel has the potential to create an entirely new version of […]

George W. Berry

    George John Fraim   There are few Renaissance men (or women) today. Our age is not conducive (or charitable) to them. Rather, it produces specialists the same way it produces niche channels on cable television. I’ve known just a few Renaissance people in my life. More often than not, they are like “fish […]

Choosing Rather Than Creating

  Photo by John Fraim – Annadell Park, Sonoma (2000) Choosing (From Creations) Rather Than Creating New Ones John Fraim   One of the major dynamics of symbols, as I have argued in my articles and books, is that they are large in youth and small in age. Just as life “produces” experiences (and all […]

Coltrane Screenplay

Coltrane Screenplay Short Outline John Fraim   Writing biographies on other lives is a tricky proposition. In many ways it depends on the amount of access to a life you are allowed by others. In many ways, though, it also depends on your ability as a “literary” detective. Access and detective skills. Two key elements […]