The Coltrane Screenplay Project

Tree Branches

As some of you know, we have been developing a screenplay on John Coltrane. Some of it from our own book on Trane called Spirit Catcher (1995, GreatHouse). But also on much of the current thought on his life on the Internet. How does one give adequate credit to that great new research tool called the Internet? Anyway, it has helped much in our ongoing efforts towards what we’re called right now the Coltrane Screenplay Project.

“The closest contemporary analogy to Coltrane’s relentless search for possibilities was the Beatles’ redefinition of rock from one album to the next. Yet the distance they traveled from conventional hard rock through sitars and Baroque obligatos to Sergeant Pepper psychedelia and the musical shards of Abbey Road seems short by comparison with Coltrane’s journey from hard-bop saxist to daring harmonic and modal improviser to dying prophet speaking in tongues.”


“What Coltrane Wanted”

The Atlantic

December 1987

Edward Strickland

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