Evolution Of Psychology: From Prophets to Profits

Freud, Jung and other leaders of the great revolution in understanding the internal man in the early part of the twentieth century would probably be pretty shocked to be transported forward into today’s culture from their original theories about the workings of the inner person. The early parts of the movement in the nineteenth century emerged under a […]

I Am Pilgrim

    Point of View/Narrative Voice One of the more interesting aspects of the 2014 blockbuster novel I Am Pilgrim is the narrative voice used by the author. It begins in the first person but switches to the third person and then alternates throughout the story between the first and third person voice. When it […]

Seasons Greetings

  A Short Story When my mother died, my father was able to scrap up enough money to buy a ticket from Vietnam to America. He had family friends in a big Midwestern city and they put us up for a number of months until he was able to put together enough money to rent […]

Coltrane in 1959

Kind of Blue Recording Session – 1959   Coltrane is on the legendary jazz album from Miles Davis Kind of Blue. It was close to the end of his association with miles, right before he decided to go out on his own really for the first time. The album Kind of Blue if considered by […]

Huck’s River

  Huckleberry Finn Chapter 19   Thirteen-year-old Huckleberry Finn is uneducated, crude and trying to figure out the mysterious world out there after escaping from an abusive father with a run-away slave. Most of the figuring out is done on his raft journey down the Mississippi River with the run-away slave Jim. The book is […]

The Synchronicity of Life

  John Fraim Many mind sets believe life comes marching at them in a neat, linear manner. One at a time. Like the old card game War. Like one thing after another. Linear as opposed to non-linear. But how does one classify the projects one has started, but not finished, in one’s past? They seem somewhat similar to […]

McCoy Tyner – Carrying the Torch for Trane

Many have written about the message of John Coltrane. This is a story about the person who carried on his message. Some of the most powerful music of the modern world was recorded by McCoyTyner in the 1970s. His work with producer Orrin Keepnews created some legendary albums. Many jazz aficionados know about Tyner but […]