The Hunger Games

Casanova’s Restaurant – Carmel, CA  Or Katniss Everdeen’s Home in The Hunger Games (?)    For years, as a writer, I’ve shied away from the young adult category populated by the likes of Suzanne Collins and her Hunger Games and Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight series. Both descendants in some ways (it seems to me) […]

Desert Screenwriters Group

Mt. Eisenhower – Indian Wells, CA Thought you might be interested in our Member Screenplay page from the Desert Screenwriters Group website. It continues to grow. Take a look. I’ve divided the page into Completed Screenplays and In Progress Screenplays. Sent out an email to members telling them not to be shy in posting something […]

Full of Sound And Fury

  Edward Hopper – Nighthawks (1942) Before the beginning of sound pictures, images did the heavy lifting in telling film stories. Sound brought elements like music and dialogue into the story telling mix. However, the marriage of image and sound in film has seldom created a happy union. More often than not the result has […]

Not The Big City

(World Fair St. Louis 1904)     Not The Big City Rather The Home Town Of Ideas John Fraim   Our culture (that is Western Culture) is so oriented towards the end product the input into the end product is often overlooked and even disappears altogether. The final product simply seems to appear like the […]

Joe Sample

We lost another jazz legend when Joe Sample passed away on September 12 of 2014. His last album Children of the Sun was just released. A gorgeous album. Two of his most beautiful songs from this album are “Creole Eyes” and “Albatross Day.” My favorite is “Albatross Day” which begins at 6:40 seconds into the […]