Desert Screenwriters Group


Mt. Eisenhower – Indian Wells, CA

Thought you might be interested in our Member Screenplay page from the Desert Screenwriters Group website. It continues to grow. Take a look.

I’ve divided the page into Completed Screenplays and In Progress Screenplays.

Sent out an email to members telling them not to be shy in posting something up here.

We will accept treatments or story outlines on the site.

I think that a screenplay could be written about our group down here in the desert. (Not a bad story idea now that I give a second of thought to it.) Placing the group in movement into the eight sequence classic USC Film School structure? Or Blake Snyder’s structure? Interesting “characters” in our group with ages ranging from 50s to 80s. One of the women in the group worked as Billy Wilder’s assistant and we talked about the great screenplay Wilder wrote called Sunset Boulevard. This was part of the first meeting of the group. One person has written eight screenplays. A few have written more than one.

Perhaps the group will produce a number of individual screenplays or ideas for screenplays.

And/Or perhaps it will produce one great screenplay from the ideas of all members of the group.


PS … Just added under Screenplays in Progress, the first few pages of Spirit Catcher, a screenplay on John Coltrane that is an adoptation of a book I wrote on Coltrane with the same name. I think the screenplay is not there right now but at least I’ve given it a start I feel.

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