The Chronology of Words …


The River, Rancho Mirage

Have an idea for something new. Wonder if you’ve ever heard of this. Or your thoughts on it.

A method for indexing in a chronological order everything one writes on his or her computer or on the Internet.

A new method for creating one’s autobiography or another’s biography via using data from the chronological writings of the subject of a study. Obtaining all the information on someone to write their “story” not from them directly but rather the Internet indirectly.

In fact, the great biographies and autobiographies of the future might in fact come not from the spoken or written words of these people but rather from the digital effects or “footprints” of these people. What a person tells us about themselves is becoming irrelevant. As they have already told us much more by not saying anything through dialogue. Through speech. Through their silent key strokes on their iPhone. On their iPad. Their MacBook Pro.

Of course any type of biography of a person could be “harvested” at any time and then placed in the dramatic context of a screenplay. Living down here in the land of past U.S. Presidents, it certainly seems a real market of approaching people at the top demo down here in re a screenplay and film idea based around their life. In effect, they are not financing a film about someone else but rather a film about their lives.

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