ScriptFest 2015



Pitch Alley At ScriptFest – Pitching to Film Executives

Just got back from the 2015 ScriptFest in Burbank. An amazing event combining seminars with leading screenwriters and screenwriting teachers, pitching screenplays to film executives and networking.

We attended the Save the Cat structure seminar on Saturday morning featuring the key person at Save the Cat, Jose Salerio. The famous 15 step method was elaborated by Jose using examples from current films like Whiplash and King’s Speech. Then, an interesting seminar on the psychology of pitching a screenplay given by a psychologist. Most screenplay pitches are from 3-5 minutes and there is much psychology around these short presentations that are so important to getting a screenplay sold.


Save The Cat Seminar

Lunch with the three other members of our screenwriting group that attended the conference. Then, a seminar with leading screenwriters like Academy Award winner Diablo Cody (Juno). Then, a seminar by Chris Soth on his mini-movie method based on the 8 sequences popularized by the USC Film School.


Desert Screenwriting Group Member Katrina Gallegos (With Academy Award Winning Screenwriter Diablo Cody)

After Chris, a seminar on Blockbuster Screenplays with Dale Launer (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) and Jim Herzfeld (Meet the Parents). Finally, a seminar by my friend Richard Walter, Chairman of the UCLA Screenwriting Department. Richard talked about the relationship between novels and screenplays, something all writers and screenwriters should be aware of today.

Parties on both Friday and Saturday nights and a chance to mingle with a lot of people. I have two screenplays but did not pitch them at the event as was more interested in keeping my eyes open and learning. Pitching is an important part of the process of selling a screenplay, though, and this point was apparent.

A great event for the members of our screenwriting group that attended. For more information on our group see



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