Old Internet Articles

The other day, I went on a round-up of old articles of mine posted on the Internet over the years. Some of them are posted below in no particular order. Some had wandered far away and found themselves posted on strange sites (like an Australian gold speculator’s site). Others were gathered under one roof. Going all the way back to 1995 and the article published in Psychological Perspectives (the journal of the LA Jung Society) “Visionary Rumors and the Symbolism of the Psychoanalytic Movement.” Check out the top article Electric Symbols which garnered me a meeting with the VP of Publicity at a growing internet company called Google in 2000. (I still can’t believe I wrote this!)

Electric Symbols

Islam As Medium Cool 

Maximum Conditions of Darkness

Friendly Persuasion

The Sonoma Valley Historical Society

The Pledge: To A Murdered Girl’s Mother? Or To A Little Girl?

War of the Worlds

Myths of Reality

Lost in Translation

The Organization as Patient?

The Symbolism of Popular Culture: Sexy Ice Cubes And The Evolution Of An Idea

The Long Birth Of Psychohistory

Friendly Persuasion: The Postmodern Ubiquity Of Advertising

Marshall McLuhan. The Medium and the Light: Reflections on Religion

The Hidden Medium of the Modern Workplace: Speculations On The Digital Economy

Maximum Conditions of Darkness

Salman Rushdie. The Religion Of Celebrity

A Rolling Deal Gathers No Loss

All Business Is Show Business

Six Cardboard Boxes Full of Love Letters And Old Picture Postcards: The Search For Jung’s Symbol

The Palace Of Illusion: The Rise and Fall of a Grand Mythology

Collaborative Filtering, Engage & Webmining … The Internet Store Moves Closer To Reality

The Symbolism of UFOs and Aliens

Visionary Rumors and the Symbolism of the Psychoanalytic Movement


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