Generation Heroes


Baby Boom Hero

I was a huge fan of Neil Howe’s book The Fourth Turning about generational cycles. I began corresponding with him and we kept in touch over the years. Neil has now set-up a company called Saeculum Research which syndicates marketing research on big trend issues today.

Neil writes a blog on his site and here is an interesting post to his blog titled “Millennials (and Xers) Taking the Tough Mudder Pledge.”

I know about these as my 30 year old daughter-in-law does a lot of these tough mudder events.

Neil posts an enightening comment by an Andrew to his blog. Andrew is a 27-year-old Millennial and compares his generation (and generation X) with the baby boom generation noting:

Baby boomer generation = Woodstock, self-expression and spiritualism
Millennial generation = Tough Mudders, teamwork and physical prowess

The tough mudder events play out in muddy fields around the nation yet the events are indicative of larger changes in culture today. Some of it is expressing itself in an emerging new political structure.


Tough Mudder Heroes (No, not the border but a Tough Mudder event)

Much can be observed at the box office as the main group who consumes and creates films today are the Millenials and Xers. So those outside these generations writing screenplays need to think about the needs of this generation. Heros and heroines to baby boomers (the self-expressive, independent cowboys like John Wayne) are no longer heroes to the Xers and Millennials whose heros and heroines fight villains by teamwork (and the physical prowess contained in the plethora of super hero films now flooding the market.)


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