Commercials Move Toward Stories


“Turner Native Plus will extend storytelling into the commercial pod by developing the right environment for the client, increasing exposure to the brand, and as a result, driving higher ROI (return on investment.)”

Commercials on Turner Broadcasting (owner of TV networks CNN, Cartoon Network, TNT) will become longer and more like program content under their new Native Plus product. The new service will replace some commercial breaks that tend to showcase anywhere between five and 10 different 30-second ads a with 2-to-3-minute-long “native” ad for a single advertiser.

Turner will work with advertisers to create the longer-form content, which Turner says will be more “powerful and impactful to the viewer.” A longer ad (presumably) will give the advertiser more space to convey their key messages and that the elongated slot will provide standout compared to traditional commercial breaks.

Will this open up a new area for screenwriters creating miniature screenplays based around products and brands? Will there be a new class of heroes based on three minute stories? Will program content and advertising merge together more? All interesting questions to ponder.

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