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Palm Desert From Vista Point

GreatHouse Stories was started by John Fraim. We were located in Palm Desert, California and are now located in New Albany, Ohio. GreatHouse is involved with research, development and application of the principles of screenwriting and symbolism to contemporary stories. John has a BA from UCLA and a JD from Loyola Law School and has been a writer all his life with numerous published articles and three published books.

One of his books is the award-winning Spirit Catcher that earned Best Biography Award from the Small Press Association. He is a board member of the Palm Springs Writers Guild. A recognized expert on symbolism, he is the author of Battle of Symbols and served as  consultant on the film The Da Vinci Code. Visit his website on symbolism at Symbolism. He wrote a regular column for Script Magazine, the largest publication in the world for screenwriters. View a collection of his Script columns at Script Magazine. He chairs the Desert Screenwriters Group.

John is on the board of the LettuceWork Foundation providing jobs to autistic adults. He is a past member of the Palm Desert Historical Society, the Independent Book Publisher’s Association and Screenwriting Research Network. His film production company is Midnight Oil Studios.

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