Super Structure

(Our first book on symbolism) John Fraim   James Scott Bell hits at the most important topics for writers of drama in his Super Structure. His is a short but important little book on creating the most drama in a story. The first chapters of his important book are concerned with the following as creating […]

The Devil Vine

A famous old actor in LA is hired by the president of a small south American country to help him promote the harvest of a mysterious magical vine that only grows in the small country. The president knows about the actor because his old television series is the top television program in the nation. When […]

Screenplay Personality Types

In the PDF below, is a new article by me after reading a brilliant short little book on screenwriting called The Inner Game of Screenwriting by Sandy Frank. (Michael Wiese Productions). The book suggests the application of the Enneagram personality type system to screenplays. Unfortunately, Sandy passed away last year so the screenwriting world lost […]

ScriptFest 2015

  Pitch Alley At ScriptFest – Pitching to Film Executives Just got back from the 2015 ScriptFest in Burbank. An amazing event combining seminars with leading screenwriters and screenwriting teachers, pitching screenplays to film executives and networking. We attended the Save the Cat structure seminar on Saturday morning featuring the key person at Save the Cat, […]

The Lost Mission

  A new novella by John Fraim PREMISE: Two children of Mormon billionaires become “radicalized” during their mission to a foreign country and return to San Francisco to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge. Through their wealth they have access to the most sophisticated terrorist technology and the only thing to stop them are two […]

Two Kinds of Christmas

  In November of 1959, as a shocked American public were hit with the news that a number of their favorite quiz shows had in fact been rigged for some time, author John Steinbeck wrote the following letter to his friend, politician Adlai Stevenson and spoke of his concern at such a morally bankrupt turn […]

The Chronology of Words …

The River, Rancho Mirage Have an idea for something new. Wonder if you’ve ever heard of this. Or your thoughts on it. A method for indexing in a chronological order everything one writes on his or her computer or on the Internet. A new method for creating one’s autobiography or another’s biography via using data […]