“Francis Bacon never tired of contrasting hot and cool prose. Writing in ‘methods’ or complete packages, he contrasted with writing in aphorisms, or single observations such as ‘Revenge is a kind of wild justice.’ The passive consumer wants packages, but those, he suggested, who are concerned in pursuing knowledge and in seeking causes will resort to aphorisms, just because they are incomplete and require participation in depth.” Marshall McLuhan Understanding Media

A collection of some of the most famous articles ever published on propaganda.


The Physics of Culture: The Battle Between Alogorithms and Neural Networks.

Predicting Screenplay Success


The Physics of Culture

Ghost Mountain Chronicles


Marshal South  on Ghost Mountain in the 1930s. 

Screenplay based on author Marshal South and his family’s life on Ghost Mountain. Co-development with Diana Lindsay author of Marshal South and the Ghost Mountain Chronicles and publisher of Sunbelt Publications, San Diego.

“For 17 years, from 1930 to 1947, poet, artist, and author Marshal South and his family lived on Ghost Mountain—a remote, waterless mountaintop that is today within California’s Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Over a period of nine of those years, South chronicled his family’s controversial primitive lifestyle through popular monthly articles written for Desert Magazine. The articles reflected his passion for the desert while praising its early inhabitants and their lifestyle. Drawing on his poetic skills, South wrote vivid word pictures about the desert—its beauty and natural history—as well as their daily life at Yaquitepec, creating both a very loyal and supportive readership and naysayers who objected to his philosophy and lifestyle. After years of silence Rider South, the eldest of the three children who were raised on Ghost Mountain, and his wife Lucile feel it is time to tell the story and to set the record straight. The book includes their own memories plus all of Marshal South’s Desert Magazine articles and many never-before-published photographs of the family.”

Read the article Finding the Real Marshal South by Diana Lindsay.

Amazon Marshal South and the Ghost Mountain Chronicles

The Kahiki: A Legendary Polynesian Restaurant


Outline for a story about Lee Henry and his legendary polynesian restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.

Kahiki Story

LM Berry: Inventor of the Yellow Pages

19100000k LMB portrait

Outline for a biography about about Loren Berry who created a new advertising form called the Yellow Pages.

LM Berry Biography

A Moment in Time


Outline for a biography on Raymond Alf one of the world’s greatest paleontologists. Co-written with Dr. Don Lofgren, Director of the Alf Museum of Paleontology on the campus of Webb School, Claremont, California.

A Moment In Time

Nutrition Pioneer


Outline for a biography onDr.  T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study that changed our thinking on nutrition. One of the greatest nutrition pioneers of the 20th century. Dr. Campbell has contributed to the outline.

Nutrition Pioneer

History of Palm Desert


Outline for a history on Palm Desert, California a town at the intersection of the vision of two brothers. Thanks to the Palm Desert Historical Society for their assistance with this project.

History of Palm Desert

Spirit Catcher (Film Project)


Outline for a biopic on legendary jazz musician John Coltrane. Based on the biography Spirit Catcher by John Fraim. Lewis Porter, author of John Coltrane: His Life and Music, as consultant on the project.

Spirit Catcher – Outline for A Film

Hollywood Safari: Navigating Screenplay Books & Theories


Non-Fiction. The number of books on screenwriting have exploded in the past few years. To help screenwriters and screenwriting students get a “map” of this expanding territory, we created Hollywood Safari. The book categorizes various approaches to screenwriting by placing them into “schools” largely based on their blueprints for story structure. The book is still in process and continues to grow and evolve as we receive comments from leading screenwriting teachers and gurus featured in the book.

Hollywood Safari (PDF-1:19:14)

Cool Scripts: Participation & Popularity


One of Marshall McLuhan’s main theories was that of “hot” and “cool” media. Hot media created less participation by the receiver of the media message that cool media. Can this lead to a new way to create screenplays and narratives?

Cool Scripts

Script Symbology: The Symbolism of Scripts


Based on the regular column I wrote for Script Magazine for over a year called “Script Symbology.” An exploration of the relationship between symbolism and story narratives.

Script Symbology



Perhaps the greatest unexplored are of story narratives is the area of sequence. The most disputed area of screenwriting involves the number of steps in plot sequence. Are these steps related to the cycles in nature, life and culture? Is there a relationship between sequences in various areas of life and times in history?

Sequence (PDF)

Origin & History of Consciousness


Jung’s greatest disciple was Erich Neumann who authored The Origins and History of Consciousness. An exploration of using Neumann’s masterpiece that shows how the individual consciousness pass through the same archetypal stages of development as has human consciousness as a whole.

Origin & History of Consciousness

OCD and Magic Rituals



Narrators of stories (authors) are supposed to be trustworthy. The reader has been trained to trust them through Victorian and early American literature and writing. Yet many times they are anything but trustworthy. The unreliable narrator is another device for creating a “cool” participatory literary device. Not necessarily an entire medium. But rather working on messages within the medium. Cobbling them into shapes more resembling the overall invisible medium