The Villa del Sol


Desert Springs Screenplay



Background for a story on Sayidd Qutb





A biography of John P. Fraim, Jr.

Spirit Catcher Film


Magic Light

A novel about the Internet and artificial intelligence.


Perception of Desert in American Culture

Borrego Park

An article written with Professor Stephan Rowland at UNLV. The article will appear as a chapter in an upcoming book about the American desert to be published by UC Press in 2016.

Perception of Desert

The Lost Mission (Screenplay)

SF From Berkeley

Mystery thriller. Two terrorists are loose in San Francisco with a portable nuclear weapon. The high tech toys of the Chief of Police fail to stop them and two old retired detectives save the city from the greatest terrorist event in American history.

The Lost Mission

The Once & Future Cowboy (Screenplay)


Action comedy. A legendary television cowboy hero is forced into a retirement community where he must defeat real life bad guys controlling the retirement community. Based on the final years of Hopalong Cassidy when he was living in Palm Desert, California.

Once & Future Cowboy

The screenplay is partially based on an article on the life of Hopalong Cassidy we wrote titled The Black Knight – PDF.

The Devil Vine (Novella)


Action Adventure. A fading film star is hired by a south American dictator to make a film promoting the dictator. The dictator’s country produces a psychedelic powder from vines found only in the jungles of this nation. The film joins the rebel forces fighting against the dictator while his son joins the dictator.

The Devil Vine

Desert Report Articles

(A Sierra Club Publication)


Birth of Desert Magazine – Part I

Birth of Desert Magazine – Part II

Evolution of the American Nature Symbol (p.18)

Script Magazine Column 


For almost a year, I wrote a regular column on symbolism in screenplays called Symbology for Script Magazine, the largest online magazine for screenwriters. Visit this link to access all the articles.

Script Symbology Articles

Hollywood Safari: Navigating Screenwriting Books & Theory


Non-Fiction. The number of books on screenwriting have exploded in the past few years. To help screenwriters and screenwriting students get a “map” of this expanding territory, we created Hollywood Safari. The book categorizes various approaches to screenwriting by placing them into “schools” largely based on their blueprints for story structure. The book is still in process and continues to grow and evolve as we receive comments from leading screenwriting teachers and gurus featured in the book. To view a PDF of the current book click on:

Hollywood Safari (PDF-1:19:14)

Londonderry Farewell


A historical novel about a commander of a naval base in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Co-written with Captain Thomas McKeown. Currently under review by a publisher in Northern Ireland.

Londonderry Farewell (PDF) (12:19:13)

Extra Large


A biography of legendary Columbus, Ohio saxophonist Gene Walker. An exploration of the incredible music scene on Long Street where Gene grew up.

Extra Large

Gold Coast


A story about a prophetic jazz musician in the 1940s. Based on the life of Columbus, Ohio jazz musician Gene Walker and Long Street.

Gold Coast

Battle of Symbols: Global Dynamics of Advertising, Entertainment and Media


Symbols increasingly dominate international communication yet few understand them. Battle of Symbols: Global Dynamics of Advertising, Entertainment and Media puts symbols in a global context. Read a PDF of the book below. Published by Daimon Verlag, Zurich.

Battle of Symbols

Purchase Battle of Symbols on Amazon.

Point Zero Bliss.


Point Zero Bliss: A Prisoner’s Quest for Freedom

(1997, GreatHouse). Purchase Point Zero Bliss on Amazon.

Spirit Catcher: The Life and Art of John Coltrane

Winner: Best Biography, Small Press Association, 1997.


Biography. A short biography of the life and art of the legendary jazz musician John Coltrane.

(1995, GreatHouse). Purchase the book on Amazon.

Read my interview in the publication Jerry Jazz Musician on the background of Spirit Catcher at Spirit Catcher Interview

Media Nations

Media Nations JPEG

(2003, GreatHouse. Unpublished).

The original idea was born when I visited my friend Eric McLuhan in Toronto in 2003. The old idea of nations was defined by things like language and customs. The new idea of nations is defined by mixes of media used.

Media Nations (PDF)

Electric Symbols

957-6388-1-PB(2002, First Monday).

Are Google word searches an indication of mass cultural trends? A long article published in a leading peer-reviewed journal. It got us a trip to Google at the time to meet with the head of PR at Google. We still think its ideas have much relevance today. Contact and we will send you a link to the article.

Electric Symbols

Symbolism of Popular Culture

Symbolism of Popular Culture

(1995, GreatHouse. Unpublished). View parts of Symbolism of Popular Culture on our website at

Symbolism of Popular Culture

Symbolism of Place: The Hidden Context of Communication

Spirit Catcher

We look at symbols as objects. Yet symbols are also places that contain objects. Much like McLuhan’s phrase that the “Medium is the message” so too is it with places that contain objects … the places say much about the object inside them, whether the object is a product in a commercial or advertisement or an actor in a movie scene. Powerful drama can be created by utilizing the the two key principles of symbols: duality and correspondence, the law of linear oppositions of symbols at the beginning and ending of a story and the alignment of symbols at the non-linear points of time within the story.

(1993, GreatHouse. Unpublished). View parts of Symbolism of Place on our website at Symbolism of Place

View the entire manuscript at Symbolism of Place (PDF)

Internet Articles

See articles written since 1995 in “Old Internet Artcles” at Old Internet Articles


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